Potty Training Dogs

Why is my dog house soiling?

The first question is whether your dog has ever been fully housetrained. If the answer is no, then you should begin by having your pet checked out to make sure that there are no medical problems. It should be possible to determine whether the problem is medical or whether some change or STRESSORS in the household may have caused the problem.

change or STRESSORS in the household may have caused the problem.

1. Animals will proceed to urinate and defecate in the house, if they continue to smell the feces and urine. The owner may be convinced that the area is clear from the bacteria and smell after being cleansed, but a canine’s sense of smell is distinctive! For one thing, they possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses and the part of a dog’s brain that is devoted to analyzing smells is, proportionally speaking, 40 times greater than ours.

For one thing, they possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses and the part of a dog’s brain that is devoted to analyzing smells is, proportionally speaking, 40 times greater than ours.

Smelling the once before urine and feces, even after being cleansed, can over pass a dog’s training and manners; sending them to their natural instinct to urine or pass a bowel movement. Dogs use their urine (and sometimes feces) to mark areas they consider to be theirs. Marking their territory lets other animals know that they are present. Dogs who aren’t fixed (spayed or neutered) are more likely to mark than those who are fixed.

territory lets other animals know that they are present. Dogs who aren’t fixed (spayed or neutered) are more likely to mark than those who are fixed.

  • THEREFORE, cleaning the marked area as normal, as well as going back over it with a combination of: vinegar (apple cider vinegar works too) and water with just a hint of bleach can really trick the dog’s nose that there was never a marked area there, and sometimes the smell of vinegar will make them not want to mark at all.

  • Spray and clean with this all over the house, not just where the dog has marked; hopefully driving the dog to not want to “go” in the house. Make sure to get all floors, baseboards, furniture, doors, and especially scrubbing carpet, being carpet traps germs,bacteria, and odors.

2. Pee pads, can encourage the dog to urinate and defecate in the house. You must encourage your dog to relieve itself outdoors.

Pee pads, can encourage the dog to urinate and defecate in the house. You must encourage your dog to relieve itself outdoors.

  • PRAISE your dog when he “go”s outdoors, be excited, let him/her know it did a good job! REWARD your dog with a small treat when it relieves itself outdoors. Using small treats will not upset his stomach, possibly making him have an accident in the house.

  • BE PATIENT! Do not hurry your dog to “potty” outside, this can upset the dog, making him/her wait and go in the house. Some dogs may urinate 3-5 times outside, before they get it all out. And defecating can take time to process–look for clues, walking around, sniffing, turning.

  • Make sure your dog is not DISTRACTED while outside, by other animals, children, or yourself. Do not praise or reward the dog while he/she is peeing…wait until it is all out.

  • When your dog walks to the door, take him/her out!

3. ANXIETY AND STRESS- these are behavioral issues that can cause your dog to smite against it’s training and it’s owner to purposely relieve itself in the house,thus provoking whatever is upsetting the dog. Beginning to pace, circle, bark, whine,are signs of anxiety. Get your dog comfortable, list what may be stressing your dog and think of situations to get rid of it.

ANXIETY AND STRESS- these are behavioral issues that can cause your dog to smite against it’s training and it’s owner to purposely relieve itself in the house,thus provoking whatever is upsetting the dog. Beginning to pace, circle, bark, whine,are signs of anxiety. Get your dog comfortable, list what may be stressing your dog and think of situations to get rid of it.

  • EXERCISING not only helps with anxiety , but it solves SO MANY behavioral issues. Exercise gets the dog working, not thinking so much on what might be bothering him/her, it relieves stress, and boredom – helping with not being bored in the house will make him/her settle and not chew on unwanted items; an genuinely keeps the dog happy and out of trouble.

  • Separation anxiety? Loud noise stress? Distress vocalization, salivating and destructive behavior are more common signs of anxiety and one or more are usually seen along with the house soiling. Dogs with separation anxiety may urinate or defecate shortly after the owner departs, even if they have just recently eliminated outdoors. A videotape of the departure can help to determine if the house soiling behavior appears to be anxiety related. Using a kennel can help with this as well.

  • It should be noted that punishment at home-coming is not only useless for correcting a problem that has occurred during the owner’s absence, but also serves to add to the pet’s anxiety during future departures and homecomings. Punishment should only happen if the dog is caught in the act!

4. Get your dog on a SCHEDULE! This is so extremely important! Getting off schedule can divert into relieving itself indoors. Too many treats or too much water at a time can throw your dog off schedule, too.

  • A dog should always go outside to “potty” as soon as it wakes up in the morning, 15 minutes after eating breakfast and dinner, before the owner goes anywhere for the day, before bedtime, and AT LEAST every 8 hours, but if this is a must – your dog needs to be crated if it’s not use to being home alone this long. Think about yourself holding in your bowel movement for that long, not very comfortable.

  • If you are home the dog needs to go outside every 1 to 2 hours (if a puppy every 20-30 minutes) for AT LEAST 10 minutes. If you are not home this often in a day; before you leave offer your dog water then give your dog a good 15 minutes to relieve itself outdoors. If needed, chained or fenced during THIS TIME (never leave your dog on a chain for hours, especially in heat). May need to take water away from your dog indoors while gone. Do not feed your dog as you walk out the door, he/she should eat and then relieve itself 15 minutes afterwards.

  • You need to let your dog outside to “potty” before bedtime. Most humans sleep anywhere between 6-10 hours, this is a long time for your dog to hold its bladder or bowel movement. Not every dog will wake you to go outside, and even if it does; most owners will go get up. If needed take water away at night and crate your dog, after offering it water and taking it out the last time of the day.

Most dogs’ schedule should look something like this:

6:00 AM (after waking up) 6:45 AM (after breakfast) 7:30 (Morning jog for excercise and relieving boredom) 10:00AM 12:00PM 2:00PM 4:00PM 6:00PM 6:45 PM (after dinner) 7:30 (Nightly walk around the neighborhood for exercise and relieving boredom & 10:00PM (before bedtime)

5. Completely starting over. Treat your dog like a brand new dog, not trusting it at all !

Keep the dog in a crate when you are not keeping your eyes on the dog. Follow your dog everywhere it goes, if it looks like it may need to “potty” tak it outside! Watch for signs of sniffing, pacing, ect. Keep doors shut in the house, so he/she can not roam. If the dog does not mark anywhere in the house for about 2 days after these steps, you can start to leave doors opened, continuing to watch,as well as, following the dog around in every room he goes in. After day 5 of “no accidents”, you shouldn’t have to follow him in rooms anymore.

My Pony Story and How I Mange to Afford Them 8/9/19

Picture Taken: 11/4/18

These are my two ponies:

Buttercup, the fat little shetland (age 12), and

Shelby, the 14h paint (age 21).

I was given these beautiful girls for free. Buttercup belonged to a little boy who didn’t ever ride her and his mother knew how much I wanted a pony so gave her to me for free. She also found Shelby for me, Shelby use to be a performer. She retired, and her owners just didn’t want her anymore and were going to give her to anyone, she was going to end up at the slaughterhouse. So the same woman brought Shelby to me as well.

Free horses, can be scary. You dont know where they came from, if they are broke or not, green, hurt, have medical issues, okay with children, dogs, men, ect.

I got lucky for the most part. Don’t get me wrong I had to do much needed ground work with them both. And still have to every other day with Shelby, but that’s expected from an old stubborn mare who use to have it all and was thrown out and not ridden for 2 years.

We moved from the city to the country a year ago. After fencing in our property (6 acres of the 10 for the animals) and getting my husband to build a shelter, I was on the hunt for some horses, I’ve dreamed of having a pony since I was a toddler. Three months after we moved Buttercup and Shelby arrived. Buttercup – scary obesed, terrified she’d have a stroke, and

Shelby – skinny.

•I have a low income, but luckily have a good piece of land so my horses live with me, I don’t pay to board. My husband build their shelter for about $200. It’s actually pretty nice – 3 walls, roof, and I got them a big rubber mat to go inside for about $70. I also bought a solar fan to go in it for $60.

•Buttercup strickly eats the grass and given a carrot or slice of apple for a treat. Shelby eats the grass in the yard (we live in Alabama, so it grows pretty quickly…they have plenty of it)

Shelby also eats 4 cups of Triple 10 for Seniors 2x a day with about a cup of:

Powerade, sugar, salt, vegetable & coconut oil mixed. And then I add water until it’s all mushy, don’t want her to choke.

Her 50lb bag of feed cost $13 at my local feed store that lasts a month (she was getting a bag of sweet feed from Tractor Supply only $10 and messed up her stomach…you don’t have to get the most expensive bag of food, but do your research).

Her “mix” costs about $6 a month, much better than most add ins people buy.

-$1Tree for 30oz Vegetable oil

-$1Tree for 8oz Coconut oil

-$1Tree 2lb Sugar

-40cent 26oz Salt

-$3 Gallon Powerade

I don’t buy a $10 bag of treats from Tractor Supply, I buy a 3 lb bag of apples for $3, 99cent bag of peppermints and 98cent bag of carrots at Walmart that everyone in the household can enjoy.

It costs me about $25 a month to feed my horse. (In the winter – an additional $8 for hay) but again I live in southern Alabama, so even in the winter the grass isn’t completely dead, somewhere farther north, you will need much for hay.

• I make my own fly spray – $1 vinegar and $1 mouth wash , beats $12-$20 fly spray sold everywhere else.

•TACK I buy all my tack used! I think for the blankets, bell boots, polo wraps, saddles, pads, nose bands, ect. I probably spent $200 total on everything.

•I only call my farrier 3 times a year, every 4 months. My ponies hooves don’t grow too quickly, so I keep them trimmed with a mini rasp I bought used for $10. I also pick them every day. My farrier charges $30 per horse for trimming (I do not shoe). So for me it’s about $180 a year.

•Every single day care: picking their feet, brushing, massaging, making sure their water is clean, stretching their legs and neck, lunging, and exercising. All this keeps them healthy, which also leads to de-worming. I buy a tube for $2.99 every month.

• Annual visit from the vet:

Physical exam, coggins test, vaccines- rabies, west Nile, flu & rhino all leads to about $75 per pony….this is pretty cheap, my vet that I use isn’t far from my house at all and being in the country it’s common many people have farm animals. Other places around the country can be much more expensive.

My 1st Disney Cruise Experience


This past May, my little family and I went on our 1st cruise. It just so happened it was a 4 night DISNEY cruise! We sailed the Disney Magic (name of the ship) from Port Miami, FL to Key West; Nassau, Bahamas; and Castaway Cay (Disney’s very own private island, located in the Bahamas, that you can only get to by Disney ships).

Before we went on our cruise I had little information on it, most of the information I received were from YouTube videos (I do recommend watching #DisneyCruisers done by Ashley and #MichaelKay), so I’m going to give you every bit of information I know about Disney Cruising and my experience on our 1st cruise !


First there are, as of right now, 4 Disney cruise ships. THE CLASSICS:The Magic (1st sailed 1998), Wonder (1999), THE DREAM CLASSES: Dream (2011), and Fantasy (2012). The Magic and Wonder are smaller than the Dream and Fantasy, BUT STILL JUST AS FUN! They have 11 decks while the Dream and Fantasy have 12. Now what I did not know was that Deck 11 (on the Magic & Wonder and deck 12 on the Dream & Fantasy) is the Teen space, so really Deck 10 (on Magic & Wonder) and Deck 11 (on Dream & Fantasy) are the top decks to lay out on. There will soon be three more sister ships from the Disney Cruise Line.


-$2,745.54 for my husband, my 2 year old daughter, and myself for a standard inside state room on the 5th floor “deck” for 5 days (in May). For the smallest stateroom on the ship, it was very nice! You open the room with your Key to the World Card. Most rooms have two bathrooms for your convenience of getting ready, ours did not. But there is a BATHTUB for kids in all Disney cruise staterooms, other cruise lines do not have bath tubs. There is plenty of storage in the bathroom for your things, a big closet, storage in the desk, side tables, and under the bed. PLENTY of storage, and that’s just the inside stateroom(there’s also ocean view rooms, verandah, and concierge). In every stateroom is a t.v. with every Disney movie you can watch for free and other great movies, shows, and live tv of the ship. There is also, a refrigerator in every stateroom.
The couch folds into a bed for kids, many staterooms have an extra bed in the wall that folds down for more than one child, you can request. You can also request a pack n play for babies, free of charge.
Honestly most things you request on the Disney ship you’ll end up getting, because Disney is awesome and they go above and beyond to make you happy.


There isn’t much Disney charges extra for, unlike other cruise ships. Kids clubs are free, except for the Small World Nursey for infants to 2/3 year olds (if your child is 3 or over AND POTTY TRAINED then they can go into the kid clubs). It is $4.50 per half hour. It is wise to make reservations for the nursery, there are many babies on the ship and limited space and workers.

Photo packages cost, but you can always ask a cast member to take a picture with your phone or camera for free. Soft drinks, water, coffee, and hot chocolate at the serve your self station on the pool deck is free, so is the all you can eat “eye scream”, it is also included at dinner. Alcoholic beverages, however, are not included, neither is bottled soft drinks or “fancy” coffee. You can bring your own 6 pack of beer or a small bottle of wine onto the ship (as long as you are of age of course) at each port! No other cruise lines allow this. Snacks and drinks in front of the movie theatre cost, but you can bring in your own snacks from anywhere else on the ship for free. Also, the movie theatre is free. Souvenirs of course cost extra, excursions off the ship cost extra, bibbiti bobbiti boutique, adult services like massages and Palo cost extra, AND GRATUITIES.


This is one thing I was not happy about on the ship, Disney charges each person in your stateroom to tip the maids, servers, and waiters every day of your stay, $12 for each person every day. Our bill was over $500 for this. You can go to Guest Services and change this. I personally did, I did not have any extra money after paying for our cruise. We did leave each person a couple dollars every night. You can also leave more than $12 or nothing at all if you wish, just tell Guest Services, located beside the atrium.

Key To The World Card and The Navigator

Key To The World Card (KTTWC) is your room key, your key on and off the ship, it has your dinning rotation, dinner time, table number, and drill station letter. You will go to a mandatory drill at 3:45 to practice what would happen incase there was an emergency evacuation. The drill only takes about 10 minutes, IF everyone is there on time, is quiet and listens.

The Navigator gives you a list of all the activities of the day, character meet n greets, movie times, play/show times, open houses for the kids clubs (that parents can attend, as well as babies and toddlers). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app on your smart phone or tablet, so you can view the navigator and communicate with your family/friends on the cruise ship with you. You must download it before you get on the ship.


Probably my daughter’s favorite day/night! We brought our pirate shirts, Disney leaves really cute Pirate Mickey bandanas in your stateroom to wear (also good souvenir) ,all the Disney characters dress as pirates, and there is an AWESOME show on the pool deck (view better on the top deck) at night after dinner. Bring glow sticks for the kids!


Ahh, Disney’s private island. The highlight of most people’s trip. Ours-not so much, but now we know to prepare ourselves for next time!

So, we woke up at 7 to get ready, took our daughter to the nursery, so we could do the 5K (there is a 5K every morning at Castaway, children must be 10 or older to participate, it is free to run and everyone gets a cute metal when they finish). I was told runners were the first people off the ship to enjoy the island….there may be some truth to that, but when I was walking to the starter line I already saw people laying out on the beach and while I was running there were people riding bikes, so I was a tad bumbed I wasn’t enjoying the beach, and once we did get to the beach there was no where for us to sit. I did enjoy the run though.

Instead of playing it smart, I should have went ahead and snorkeled before going back to the ship to get my daughter, I didn’t want her to miss out on anything.

So I walked to the island to run, walked back to get Jenna, walked to the island again carrying a toddler, AND walked back to the ship later. There is a trolly but there was always a super long line and wait time.

Trying to snorkel holding my 2 year old daughter was not fun, we only made it about 15 minutes before I gave up and went back. I recommend trying to do the snorkeling trail, there’s a lot of cool things to see. Life jackets are free, snorkel gear is not, but you can bring your own 🙂 flippers are not required.

Then, I thought “oooh, let’s go to Pelican’s Plunge” (2 water slides, water bucket that falls, a few water obstacles for the kids)…after walking all the way there, I was told my daughter wasn’t tall enough, so we couldn’t do that either.

There is a splash pad by Cookies Too for the smaller kids, my daughter really enjoyed that. Cookies and Cookies Too are free buffets.

After eating lunch, letting Jenna play in the splash pad area, trying to have some beach time (so many people we just couldn’t) we went back to the ship to nap. Now when we woke up we went to the pool area and there was literally no one there. It was really nice, I layed out and got my tan on while my husband and daughter played in the kid area, splash pad on the ship, and we all watched movies on the tunnel vision behind the pool.

What my plans are for our next trip to Castaway Cay(we’re going again next year-Jenna will be 3.5) :

  1. Jenna will be old enough to go to the kids club(the kid clubs move from the ship to the island, so less walking for me!), and not have to stay in the nursery on the ship.
  2. I think I will do the 5k again, BUT I will bring my beach bag along with me and pick out a nice spot to leave my bag at, before the run.
  3. After the 5k, I will not go back to the ship, I will go straight to the snorkeling trail and enjoy it this time.
  4. Then, I will get Jenna from the kid’s club on the island, take her to Pelican’s Plunge, she should be tall enough when we go again.
  5. Eat lunch at Cookies, then work our way back to the ship before anyone else does again, and enjoy the ship – mostly to ourselves. 🙂

What We Did On The Ship Everyday:

1st Day, luckily my Aunt lives in Miami, so she dropped us off at Port Miami, definitely wasn’t hard to find the beautiful Disney Ship (even the “small ones” are huge!! ) We packed light, so we carried our own luggage, if you drop off your luggage, make sure to bring your “extra” bag with swim suites, sunblock, diapers and wipes for babies, money, whatever you think you may need, luggage gets dropped off to your room anywhere between 1:00pm to 9:00pm . You can get to the port as early as 10am, but I scheduled our arrival time at 1:00 in hopes it was not crowded. It was not crowded at all, we showed them our IDs, our payment, received our KTTWC s, and walked right on the ship. Most staterooms are not ready until 1,2, or 3. Ours was ready as soon as we walked on the ship, so we dropped our things off at the room, ate a late lunch at Cabanas (buffet) explored, went to the mandatory drill at 3:45, attended the Sail Away Party at 4:00 and sailed away 🙂

We actually went back to the room after that to let Jenna nap and we got ready for dinner. I requested that we ate the 2nd dinner wave (1st is at 5:45, I think, and the 2nd is at 8:15) there’s less kids there and more time to get ready. I also requested that we ate dinner at Rapunzel’s the 1st night, because I did not want to eat there on Pirate night or “dress up” night. I wore a Mother Knows Best shirt, my husband wore his Snuggly Duckling Shirt, and Jenna wore her Rapunzel dress. I loved this restaurant, it was my favorite on the ship!

2nd Day, docked at Key West, you do not need a passport to get off at Key West, it is still apart of Florida. (we do not have passports, we booked our cruise unexpectedly and did not have time to get passports, you can visit https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/ to see what destinations you need passports)

We decided we were only going to get off at Castaway Cay, one reason being we did not have much money to spend and the other reason being the ship is SO nice and less busy at port, we stayed on the pool deck (9) and deck 10 most of the day, enjoying the sun, splash pad, slides, and tunnel vision.

This day was also the day I scheduled Jenna’s princess meet n greet and Frozen meet n greet (this is free, but limited space, so do it online when you book!)

we also unexpectedly met Vamparina, Doc McStuffins, and Princess Sofia! None of these lines were long at all! We also had fun at open house in the kids club! My husband and I dropped Jenna off at the nursery to watch Avengers Endgame. all 3 watched a play together and dressed up for dinner! We ate at Lumiere’s that night. The rest of the night we explored and watched tunnel vision, it is very peaceful to watch tunnel vision in the middle of the night on the ocean when most people are asleep!

3rd day, Nassau, Bahamas again we did not get off, today was pirate day, so we spent a lot of day meeting characters dressed as pirates, these lines were long compared to the day before! Let Jenna play in the kids club again during open house, watched Dumbo in the theatre, watched a different play, ate dinner in our pirate gear and watched the incredible pirate show on deck 10.

4th day Castaway Cay and dinner at Animator’s pallate

There are sooooooo many activities to do on the cruise ship, we really didn’t do any of them, we were enjoying the pool deck, meeting characters, and really doing what Jenna wanted to do, but we had so much fun! We never got bored!


  • don’t stress about anything you will have fun
  • watch the plays/shows!
  • go exploring
  • visit the kids clubs
  • Take pictures!
  • Bring magnets to decorate your door!

So this was everything I know about the Disney Cruise Ships and my experience , I hope you enjoyed this read and I hope you have great time on your cruise!!